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Pop Up Tai Chi Events

Pop-Up Tai Chi Events are beautiful opportunities for Tai Chi instructors to bring their art to the streets and other public places, and to promote your classes and services to a new audience in your area.

They are also a perfect way for members of the public to better understand what Tai Chi actually is, and how it can benefit their lives and bring a few drops of calm to an otherwise hectic urban day.

PopUpTaiChi.com has been established as a new place online where Tai Chi instructors can let people know when and where their unusual activity will be taking place, and also share photos, videos and stories about events they have run recently or in the past.

Please visit our Pop Up Tai Chi Group to see what is going on and to create your own space where you can show the world what you are about and what you are up to!

To find an event or promote your own (for FREE), please visit our network and join in.

Tai Chi Event Organisers

You can promote your event for free in our community pages, or set up your own group and invite your friends if you manage a network of events in a particular area.

You can also create your own profile page, upload photos, keep a blog and more, so it may be a good way for you to create an online presence if you do not currently have a website for your activity. It will also be a useful add-on if you do!

Pop Up Events Community